Case Studies

West Chiltington School

Our First little Life Savers Session


On Thursday 21st July the first Little Life Savers session was run at West Chiltington School.

The training saw 30 Little Life Savers created in a relaxed, enjoyable and educational environment.

What the School Said

Little Life Savers visit to our school was extremely successful and enlightening for all involved. The Year 5 children children learned a host of key life saving skills, all taught by a highly professional and personable team. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and look forward to welcoming them again this year. The children commented on how much they enjoyed being trusted to be taught skills that they ordinarily wouldn’t get until they were older. The Little Life Savers team are a very welcome addition to our school community.

Helen Drummond – West Chilitington School

What the Children Said

“I enjoyed the lifesaving this morning, it was an experience like no other! I feel like I could help someone now.” Casey

“It was great because potentially you could save someone now and most people wouldn’t get the chance to learn how to do that Thank you doctors!” Emma

“I feel that now that I’ve done that training I know that out there I don’t need to be worried if something happens to someone because I could help.” Rex