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58 Little LifeSavers Taught at Colgate Primary School

Our trusted and trained volunteers give just an hour of their time to teach children in schools. The Little LifeSavers’ aim is to teach children across the nation basic lifesaving skills; we believe everyone, at every age, should know CPR.

The Colgate Factor

Nestled in the quaint little village of Colgate in Horsham, West Sussex, Colgate Primary School invited Little LifeSavers to run their free and voluntary session to teach their children how to do CPR. By teaching their children what to do, it arms them with the confidence they need to be in the best possible position to save a life, should they ever need to.

The classes of Year 5 & 6 from the school were introduced to their volunteers, and displayed nothing but undivided attention and motivation throughout. They asked engaging questions and delivered excellent demonstrations of the skills taught: child CPR, adult CPR, back blows and the recovery position. The staff on hand were also incredibly useful, helping to deliver the session in a timely way, whilst refreshing their first aid skills at the same time.

By recognising the power of CPR and taking responsibility for their children’s future, the school has helped to pave the way for a nation of Little LifeSavers. 58 children of Colgate Primary School became Little LifeSavers, joining the ranks of nearly 8000 existing Little LifeSavers trained across the country.

Could you volunteer?

Yet without the volunteers, or the schools inviting our volunteers to teach, Little LifeSavers wouldn’t be able to teach children powerful and life-saving skills. Volunteers are provided with all the skills required, and anyone can provide their time. Could you? Check out here for more information on how to volunteer.

Schools are invited to book sessions with our volunteers – the sessions are free, giving the opportunity for children up and down the country the chance to learn vital skills. It’s simple too – follow our booking link here.

Such sessions make a real impact, with stories like Henry demonstrating why it is so important to teach the next generation.

One of the children from Colgate Primary School, at the end of the session, announced, ‘I want to do what you do when I grow up; help people with CPR if they need it’. A sentiment we share, and want to share further with children from Year 5 to 8 across the country. Could you be like Colgate Primary School? Could you volunteer? Could you invite us into your child’s school? Could your child be the next Little LifeSaver?

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