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On the Eighth of December, Our Volunteers Did Give… at St Mary’s C of E Aided Primary School

On the eighth day of December, Little LifeSavers did give,

Eight answered questions

Seven smiles a minute (or more)

Six (ty) minutes long

Five teachers watching

Four volunteers

Three key skills

Two great year groups

And a CPR session in school.

In the festive spirit, our team of trained, DBS-checked volunteers, practised their own CPR skills by teaching first aid to Years 5 and 6 at St Mary’s C of E Aided Primary School. 

Run completely by volunteers, and entirely free to schools up and down the nation, the Little LifeSavers sessions arm children with confidence and knowledge, should they ever find themselves in a situation where someone needs their help.

The team was blown away by the eagerness to learn provided by the children of St Mary’s and were thrilled to be teaching in a school that recognised the importance of such skills. 

Hands on the Mannikin!

After the lead volunteer (and founder of the charity herself), Barbara, had delivered the key skills that the children would learn, they split up into three groups to practice the skills themselves on the mannikins provided by the Little LifeSavers Charity. Having mannikins is an excellent way for children to get hands-on experience of the basic lifesaving skills taught in the session. In just sixty minutes, the group are taught how to help someone who is choking, deliver CPR for both children and adults as well as placing someone (who is not fully conscious) in the recovery position to keep them safe until an ambulance arrives. 

Can you volunteer? Oh yes you can! 

The West Sussex school chose to invite the Little LifeSavers charity in to come and teach, by using a simple, easy booking system – found here

St Mary’s school recognises how integral such skills are for the next generation and so by inviting us in, they ensure their children join the Little LifeSavers ranks. They are part of a bigger national effort to make sure every school child is equipped with basic life saving skills; you never know when they may need it, like Henry needed the skills to save the life of his very own father.

Whilst we want every school to book a session with us, we also are always in need of volunteers around the country. It is a great way to give back, to help teach children vital skills and can even help you find new friends and boost your mental health. Each session only takes an hour of your time and you can even learn everything you need without leaving your home. Check out here for more information on how to volunteer.

Could your school be like St Mary’s C of E Primary School? Could you volunteer or invite us into a school nearby you? Could your child be the next Little LifeSaver?

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