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Meet a Little LifeSavers volunteer

Little LifeSavers is not a charity that runs all by itself. It requires volunteers across the country to give up their time to teach basic lifesaving skills to children in schools. One of our relatively new volunteers is Natasha, who in the course of just two months has volunteered at a couple of schools across West Sussex, and is already signed up to deliver her third session. We catch up with Natasha to deliver the ins and out of volunteering with Little LifeSavers…

How did you come across Little LifeSavers?

“I actually came across Little LifeSavers when I met the founder, Barbara, at a networking event. When you listened to how

 passionate she was about her cause, you couldn’t help but feel inspired. I thought it was one of the most brilliant causes, and then she told me about a young boy called Henry who had actually saved his father’s life after doing Little LifeSaver’s training. I knew this was vital and we really needed to get behind the goal of creating a nation of Little LifeSavers.”

Did you find it easy becoming a volunteer?

“I found it super easy to become a volunteer and I didn’t even need to leave the house! I had to apply for a DBS (which was a straightforward process online). Then after all that came through Barbara, the founder of Little LifeSavers, gave me a choice of multiple Thursdays on which I could complete my training with her on a Zoom call. Myself and a couple of other new volunteers came together (I was even eating my dinner) and listened as Barbara trained us up in the four basic life saving skills. It only took an hour… what could be easier?”

What’s the hardest part about volunteering?

“The whole process of volunteering with Little LifeSaver is so straightforward, so there’s not much I could say is difficult…! Having said that, the first time I volunteered, I was so worried that I would get it wrong – that I’d forget what I needed to teach. But you get split up into groups, and you only have to do one section. In the session, you’re so engaged it flies by and suddenly you’ve taught 60 kids to be Little LifeSavers!”

What has been your favourite part of volunteering?

“Being able to watch kids really get into the training – to see them engaged and encouraging each other. I think knowing you are giving them the chance to save a life, you’re building the confidence in the future generations of tomorrow. You’re teaching children the value of supporting one another. All of that is my favourite part of volunteering.”

What is the funniest / best question from a child?

“ ‘Can I be sued for breaking someone’s ribs whilst doing CPR?’, yes really, that is what I got asked…. It got laughs, followed by nervous laughter as 10 sets of little eyes looked at me for the answer…”

What’s your advice to anyone thinking about volunteering for Little LifeSavers?

Just do it. It is so simple to do and so rewarding – knowing the children you teach could save a friend or a stranger. You also meet fantastic individuals who share the same ethos as you. Finally, and arguably just as important as teaching the children, is the fact that you will get to practice your lifesaving skills of CPR and the recovery position too. You never know when you might need it and when the confidence you will build up might come in handy.”

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