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How charity can help businesses in the long run…

Do you mean there’s more than just fuzzy, feel-good feelings in it for you when you support a charity? If you’re a business owner or an employee, we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why a business should look for a charity like Little LifeSavers to support, advocate for and emphasise…

1. Linking with a charity will increase your reach to a wider audience.

Business is better when more people know about you, right? Having a charitable partnership can do wonders for your reach, especially if you partner with a national charity such as Little LifeSavers.

Our vision is national, aiming to reach every single school across the UK, meaning your business could boast visibility far and wide. 

2. Linking with a charity could help you network.

When giving up your time for charity, you come across people from all walks of life; those who also might volunteer; those who invite you to volunteer; or even those that might thank you for volunteering… Ultimately when a business gets involved with a charity, you unlock a whole new network of skill sets, experience and contacts which could help your business boom. Volunteering can open doors for opportunities you wouldn’t come across in other ways.

At Little LifeSavers, our volunteers come from across industries, across age groups and across dynamic ways of thinking. We have CEOs and students, teachers and medics; our philosophy is open to all and you never know who you may just meet.

3. Linking with a charity could improve your public relations. 

If the feel-good isn’t quite good enough for your bottom line, let’s chat about the long-term effects of supporting a charity. Media coverage, highlighting charity stories on your website and your charity featuring your work could do wonders, highlighting your contribution to the community. This helps positively boost your image to your very own employees, your customers, clients or partners and your local area, ultimately cementing your reputation as an ethical and morally-positive company, with many financial benefits.

Imagine being linked with a charity that supports the national teaching of basic lifesaving skills to young children – you are supporting work that instils confidence in children to save lives… We’d argue that’s something pretty special to shout about from the hilltops!


How do I involve my business with Little LifeSavers?

There are multiple ways you can get involved and help Little LifeSavers – it could be donating, volunteering or advocating for us when you meet people that could help in their own way. 

Relationships with organisations such as Frugi, show the impact and difference partnerships can have in reality for charities like us. 

Whichever way you choose to help, here at Little LifeSavers we are grateful for the business and community support, as without, we wouldn’t be able to continue. Please reach out if your business (or one you know) would like to get involved.

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