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Little LifeSavers Loves Frugi

If we say the word “business” what do you think of? Money? Profit? Such thoughts inevitably come to mind but actually businesses are often very community-spirited. Many generously share their profits by providing resources such as financial sponsorship with charities whose work resonates with their company ethos and vision. 

Quite often these businesses are key to success for charity, helping them achieve growth, spread the word and generally generate positive change.

Frugi, the children’s clothing company, is one such business…

Organic cotton clothing that is environmentally kind, soil association certified and giving farmers a good deal, Frugi are passionate about giving back to the world. Their vision is environmentally friendly, even going as far as recycling plastic pollution into outer clothes!

In 2018-19 our small charity, Little LifeSavers, had just started to build some momentum, teaching simple CPR skills to school children in several areas around the UK and we had the good fortune to be selected as one of Frugi’s charity partners for the year. This partnership and Frugi’s generosity both financially and in promoting our efforts through their blogs and social media helped us to:

  • Equip volunteer groups around the UK with resources to train the children

Our volunteers need mannikins to deliver the free sessions in schools. The funding from Frugi went a long way in finding much-needed resources.

  • Recruit and engage with volunteers and organise sessions UK-wide

Our success in delivering our vision is entirely dependent on volunteers. To deliver sessions nationally, we need a national support structure and our reach to such volunteers was enhanced by Frugi.

  • Function better as an organisation

Getting the support from an organisation such as Frugi is fundamental in the building blocks of a charity like ours. Having the funds and access to the partnership enabled our entire organisation to deliver and grow.

  • Deliver training to over 2000 children across the country

The figures speak for themselves. Frugi helped Little LifeSavers deliver training to over 2000 children across the nation, meaning that was over 2000 extra children who would be able to act in an emergency.

  • Explore ways of meeting the requirements of the new First-Aid-in-Schools Curriculum

Quite often charities do not get to explore new ways and avenues in order to do better and understand how to evolve. Frugi enabled us to be bold with our advances and discover what worked and what didn’t, offering stability and foundational security.

  • Survive and restructure during the Covid-19 pandemic, then engage both new and established volunteers and start again to create Little LifeSavers

Frugi’s support went far further than even their partnership year (2018-19). Their support enabled our resilience throughout the global-changing pandemic of 2020. Without Frugi, our future might look incredibly different.


We love you Frugi

Here at Little LifeSavers, we want to say an enormous “Thank You” to our amazing Corporate Partner of 2018-19. Frugi continued their support even through into 2020, showing they care about communities and people – especially our children – by helping us to equip and empower them to save a life if they ever needed to.

Take a look at their fantastic work and vision here on their aptly named web address “We Love Frugi”. If you wonder how else charity can help businesses in the long run too, check out our blog here.

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