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Meet Alex Murphy – the newest Trustee

Alex Murphy Stands Next To One Of His Ambulance's In A Little LifeSavers T-shirt.

“Little LifeSavers empowers young people and will hopefully, get them interested in helping others.” – Alex Murphy, Little LifeSavers Trustee

Little LifeSavers can’t run by itself. We have an ever-expanding team of smiling volunteers, we have the founder’s passion and we have our team of trustees to lead the way. 

Our trustee team is growing. Our newest appointed Trustee coming on board is none other than the generous and incredibly distinguished Alex Murphy. We’re delighted to have such a driven and well-known character as our New Volunteer lead.

Alex’s journey has been filled with an array of experience, from an Rugby Football Union (RFU) council member to a paramedic and more. His experience holds him in excellent stead for being part of the leadership team of Little LifeSavers as well as helping us attract new volunteers.

We’re honoured to have Alex join us and we thought you might want to hear a little more about the man behind the name yourself.

Alex, it’s great to meet you. Tell us why the trustee post at Little LifeSavers caught your eye?

“Little LifeSavers has a fantastic framework for introducing simple CPR skills to children. The model is easy to remember, emphasises safety and encourages them to take the first action that might help the casualty. It empowers young people and will hopefully, get them interested in helping others.”

What made you realise how important CPR is?

Alex knows from experience himself how important early CPR is. As a cardiac arrest survivor himself, he explains how the experience changed his life.

“There I was, chasing a good income and material things, just like so many others I suppose… and then boom! My life changed.”

Alex collapsed whilst playing at Twickenham stadium during a charity rugby match. The team doctors and paramedics resuscitated Alex on the pitch. The CPR provided on this fateful day undoubtedly saved Alex’s life.

“I realised how precious time is and wanted to help others like I’d been helped.” 

The journey of recovery and a change of heart…

Since his recovery, Alex has become a paramedic himself, saving lives and also teaching others how to do the same. This has been through formally training them as Community First Responders, as paramedics with his ambulance company, NorWest Medical and through the now-discontinued Heartstart Programme.

Alex is modest about his achievements, both as part of the RFU as well as professionally. He’s a voluntary coach and referee for the RFU. He also works 12-hour shifts at NorWest Medical, an ambulance company of 15 vehicles. These 15 vehicles have fully-trained paramedics who support the NHS alongside North West Ambulance Service – a company he started during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The future of saving lives

We are delighted to welcome Alex to the Trustee Team at Little LifeSavers. His business expertise, organisation experience with the RFU, together with his own powerful story of survival, will help engage members of the public about the importance of knowing CPR for themselves and join us in teaching the children, saving lives today and in the future

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