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Welcoming Louise McIntosh to the board of trustees

“You walk away from volunteering with a skip in the step – now that’s something you don’t get from paid work!”

Every trustee of Little LifeSavers brings a unique skill set and experience to the table, which enables them to make excellent decisions in the interest of the charity. 

The introduction of Louise McIntosh as our newest appointed trustee for Little LifeSavers is no different. Her dynamic charisma is a spark of joy within the team and her skills place her perfectly as the Existing Volunteer Lead. 

Lou got involved with the charity as a volunteer and has since stepped up to the role of trustee. We caught up with Lou to show off our new dynamite in charge of galvanising and supporting all those kind enough to volunteer with our charity.

Lou, great to have you on board! Can you explain what it was that drew you to Little LifeSavers in the first place?

“I first met Barbara Stanley, founder of Little LifeSavers, at a networking group for my own business. I was inspired and totally in awe of the passion Barbara spoke with. 

Yet the charity’s mission drew me in too – the simplicity of knowing that you can teach a child a skill, and if faced with a scenario where they had to use it, they most likely would! Too many adults are afraid to use skills they learn. They’re scared of getting it wrong or being judged.

Children on the other hand, well they’d dive straight in! How amazing is it to know that you are teaching children to save a life. What a mission.”

So tell us about you?

“I’m Lou! I moved to Hove recently, with my fiance and my 14 year old Dachshund after COVID taught me I didn’t need a physical shop to carry out my business. 

I own and run Printing Progress. 14 years ago I was a hairdresser, watching my boss swan around on holiday whilst I worked every day. After slipping two discs in my back, I found a print business and the rest was history!

At heart, I’m an avenger for the world to be a better place and I am incredibly passionate for justice and good in the world.”

What made you decide to volunteer?

“Before I met Barbara, I was actually on the waiting list for RNLI volunteers (the waiting list for crew seems endless!). However when I found out about Little LifeSavers there was an instant click. I knew it was what I had been looking for. 

I guess innately, I have a deep rooted desire to help and I think it’s such a shame to not share skill sets with the world. If we worked together and shared our skills voluntarily, the world would be a better place. 

Rather selfishly as well, you walk away from volunteering with a skip in the step – now that’s something you don’t get from paid work!

Louise (second right) volunteering at a session.

What is the best part about volunteering?

Other than the euphoric feeling of giving back, the best part of volunteering is making a difference to a child. You literally offer the chance to learn a skill and they jump at the chance. To know it could make the difference between life and death is pretty remarkable.

Have you had any experiences with CPR that stuck with you?

Whilst I was just a child, my grandfather actually saved my Nanna’s life using CPR. I wasn’t there at the time, but I remember my family talked about it a lot and it stuck with me.

Becoming a trustee is a big commitment, what made you step up?

“I can offer my time. I can offer my skill set. I can offer my burning desire to help. It felt nothing short of wrong and crazy to not step up to the role. I simply see it as an extension to the volunteering I already do. What’s more, I really can connect in my role to the other volunteers and see what I can do to help them.”

What is your role as trustee at Little LifeSavers?

“I am the Existing Volunteer Lead, which is really what it says on the tin – looking after existing members! My role will consist of checking in on our volunteers and gaining feedback about their whole process and how they are interacting with the charity. “

“My business is about communication, and this role happens to reflect that expertise. If our volunteers are having any difficulties, I am in place to help them. I aim to create a Little LifeSavers community which enables continuous improvement and a safe space for support.”

We are absolutely over the moon to be welcoming Lou to the leadership team of Little LifeSavers. Her skill set and willingness to help is a phenomenal addition to our charity. Volunteers truly are the bedrock of what we do and so we are excited to see the rapport and community she builds within our charity.

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