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The Nightrider Little LifeSavers Heroes

One starry summer night, 

A bunch of heroes met.

Yet not a single cape flutters in sight.

But clad in lycra they were set.


These champions on their bikes would ride,

To show their cause some might.

Their valiant hearts now filled with pride 

In a cause worthy of the fight. 


“Little LifeSavers” was their battle call,

And together they did unite,

For teaching a nation to save lives:

Nightrider London Cycle Ride overnight.


They did it!

A huge congratulations to the selfless individuals who took to the streets of London on Saturday night to raise funds and awareness for Little LifeSavers.

The Nightrider London Cycle Ride is a 50 or 100-km route across the capital city, which takes riders around some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Whilst the route is filled with beautiful sights lit up under the night sky, it is also a test of endurance and skill, with the extra challenge being the overnight element. Over 1800 riders registered for the ride overall and have raised over half a million pounds for charity so far. 

Our Lycra Heroes

We had twelve charity heroes cycle the 50km route, supporting each other in the name of the Little LifeSaver cause. They set off, in their Hi-Vizs, from the velodrome and finished several hours later, with some sore bums in the mix!

We want to thank Andy Neal, Sandra Neal, Rob Morgan, Patrick Thorburn, Mike Killner, Jen Bayford, Heather Kingdon, Tom Cross, Gary Yap, Paul Melbert, Jerin Michaels and Ben Palmer for their astounding efforts!

One of our cyclists after the event said:

‘Wow! What a rush, cycling around the landmarks of London will be something I will never forget! I’m thrilled to have been able to take part in this event for Little LifeSavers.’

Can you help too?

It’s not too late to donate – our cyclists, whilst snoozing to catch up on those zzz’s, are still hoping to get a few last-minute donations! 

We would be incredibly grateful if you could thank and support our cyclists – here are some of their JustGiving pages if you are able to donate:

Andy Neal:

Heather Kingdon:

Jen Bayford:

Jerin Michael:

Rob Morgan:

Paddy Thorburn;

Tom Cross

Gary Yap

Ben Palmer

Mike Kilner


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