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The East Preston kids’ review Little LifeSavers!

Little Lifesavers Trustee Jen Bayford is also known as mum of Frankie. Frankie is in year 5 at East Preston Junior School and Jen had the honour of teaching there as one of the volunteers with the Year 5 and 6 pupils! She was delighted to speak to the Year 5 children afterwards to hear about their Little Lifesavers’ experience. 


Eva told Jen, “That was so much fun! It was great to have such a different lesson at school and learn by having a go ourselves on the pretend people. We also learned we must get an ambulance called really quickly, but can help the person whilst professional help is on its way.”

I’m now a Little Lifesaver!”


Lily said, “I really enjoyed learning lifesaving skills. I liked how you used different techniques for different problems and it was important we know the difference between chest compressions for children and for adults. As it is different depending on the size of the person who needs it and the person doing the lifesaving. We had to practice the recovery position on each other, which was hard at first, but we learned a way of remembering which legs and arms need to go where so the person is safe whilst help is coming.”


Tobias was so pleased, telling Jen,

“It was so much fun and I’m so proud to say I now know how to save a life.

“I didn’t know how to do it before and now could do chest compressions as we practised on a dummy whose head lights up when you are doing it right. We had to press quite hard and not move our hands around once they were in the right spot. It’s not as easy as the grown-ups make it look and you have to do it in the hard bit on someone’s chest”


Nathan who had learned basic first aid as part of his participation as a Cub Scout, said that he found the session “lots of fun and a really important thing to learn. It was especially important to learn what to do when someone is choking as we learned it was important to act quickly. We now know where to deliver the back blows on the casualty’s back and where to put your hands when doing chest compressions in CPR.” 


Frankie, who is also a fellow Cub Scout with Nathan said, “I thought I knew how to do first aid because of my badge at cubs, but actually lifesaving skills are different and everyone should know how to do the basics. We never know when we might need them. Like if someone had food stuck in their throat at lunchtime at school, which must be scary for them, they would need help quickly.

Now we all know what to do.” 

Little LifeSavers offers free lifesaving sessions to schools nationally, with the aim of making a nation of Little LifeSavers. If you want to volunteer with us, check out here, or if you want to book a session for your school, find out more here.

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