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Alkrington Invites In Little LifeSavers

Little LifeSavers is a national charity, operating up and down the country. This October they were welcomed in with warm arms by Alkrington Primary in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

Our fantastic northern team of Little LifeSavers volunteers came together on a cloudy morning, for just one hour, to teach 30 young children the valuable life lesson of how to save a life. Here they are pictured outside the school in front of the emergency vehicle that paramedic volunteers Gary Pamment and Alex Murphy brought to the session. 

The Alkrington Invite

Alkrington Primary school is a busy and popular school, oozing with friendliness and warmth. The vibrant nature of this school and its children is reflected by the artwork of flitting butterflies and sunflowers beaming in its windows. Their innovative curriculum also includes teaching their children vital life skills – such as CPR. Which is why they invited Little LifeSavers into their school, to take advantage of the charity’s honourable aim of creating a nation of Little LifeSavers.

The year 5 students from Alkrington were model students – engaged, asking well-thought-out questions, and applying the teaching beautifully. They were taught, in small groups, four basic skills – the foundations of Little LifeSaver training: back blows for choking, hands-only CPR for adults, hands-only CPR for children and the recovery position. 

Alkrington Primary School is a Community School, who are conscious of the wider implications of teaching children life skills that are valuable in a community and a society. Little LifeSavers also emulates this message across the country and we have seen the real tangible impact our training can have on the world. Henry, one of our Little LifeSavers is a prime example of why it is so important to teach the next generation.

Could you volunteer?

But spreading this message to all schools across the country isn’t easy, and certainly wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers. Our team is made up of people from all different backgrounds: people just like you, who want to make a difference and help our children to help others. We need volunteers and we need Little LifeSavers advocates to help spread the word about our free training.

Becoming a Little LifeSavers volunteer is super easy. Not only are you provided with all the skills, equipment and support that you need but the best bit? You get to practice these simple skills and meet new people. All we need is a little of your time. Could you help? Check out here for more information on how to volunteer.

Can’t Volunteer? No problem! You can still Help 

Share this post and say hi to us on social media. We need people to know we are offering this so they can help too

Schools are invited to book sessions with our volunteers – the sessions are free, giving the opportunity for children up and down the country the chance to learn vital skills. It’s simple too – follow our booking link here

Alkrington Primary School, and many others like it, are paving the way for a nation of Little LifeSavers. Could you help too?

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