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Superhero Young Ambassador Max

Max is not your average 10-year-old. He’s a mountain biker, a car enthusiast and an avid DIY-er (helping his parents with their house renovations). But most importantly, he has a heart of gold. 

Max is our very first Young Ambassador for the charity. After being trained as a Little LifeSaver himself at school, he went on to help show the skills and tell everyone about the charity at his school summer fete. His passion and enthusiasm caught the charity’s eye and he was invited to become a young ambassador and help to support the charity even more.

We catch up with Max to find out why he is championing our cause, and what he makes of the important questions thrown his way…

Max high-fives one of our volunteers

Thanks for coming and chatting with us Max! We are so pleased you’re here! What do you remember most about your Little LifeSavers session at school?

I really remember the steps of how to save a life and just how to do those steps. They were super easy in the way they were explained.

They just stuck to me like glue!

It’s great to hear how well you remember your Little LifeSavers Training! So why don’t you tell us about your role and why you’re keen to help this charity as a Young Ambassador? 

Some people don’t know what to do in a situation. If your parent, grandparent, someone in the family or even a stranger has a heart attack or a fall in front of you and you don’t know what to do, then what’s gonna happen? 

If you’re thinking “what do I do? What do I do? What do I do?” Over and again. That’s not gonna help. But if we all knew the skills then that wouldn’t happen and we could help those people instead.

I want to help children learn these skills and by spreading the word, they might know what to do next time.

You’ve hit the nail on the head with that – the importance of knowing what to do. Now, Max, some people might say that children don’t need to have these lifesaving skills – what would you say to them? 

Actually, I think that all children should learn these lifesaving skills. Of all the non-hospital cardiac arrests, 72% of them happen at home. Which is a lot! That is why it is so important for everyone to know, including children.

Now, what would you like to see the charity achieve and how will you help as a Young Ambassador?

I would like to see the charity achieve its goal of visiting more schools to do more sessions and raise money. I’ll help Little LifeSavers by spreading the word.

Well, you’ve most certainly already helped loads with spreading the word! So if you’re trying to encourage people to get involved, what can people do to support the charity? 

People can become a Friend to the charity, donate money, tell their own friends and schools about it and volunteer to teach the skills.

We know you’ve already got the superpower of being a Little LifeSaver, however, if you could have one other superpower, what would it be?

Max with our superhero dog – Helper Dog!

It would have to be able to help everyone in the world in one second. 

What an awesome superpower that would be! We need to ask if you’re doing such great things in the world, what is the superhero name we need to call you at this moment?


We love it Max – or should we say – Helper-Moose!

Max with his mum, Jo

Today we also have Max’s mum with us. Jo, you must be so proud of Max. What do you think of his involvement with Little LifeSavers?

We are so proud of Max and thrilled he has the opportunity to join Little LifeSavers! He explains how he’s involved with the charity and the skills they’ve taught to ANYONE who will listen


Max and Jo, we need to thank you for your time. It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you today, and we can’t wait to see what other great things you get up to as our Little LifeSavers Young Ambassador.

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