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We Did It – 10k!

“We did it”

⚡Special Announcement⚡

We’re DELIGHTED to announce that our charity has created over 10,000 Little LifeSavers✨💥🌟

Sessions delivered to children this week put the total number of children receiving our bystander CPR skill session to over ten thousand, since its registration in 2016.

We’re especially proud of this achievement, given all our teaching activities ceased for almost two years because of the pandemic, which robbed us of almost all of our existing volunteer pool, meaning we had to rebuild and start over.

But, together with the fact that two of our Little LifeSavers have used their skills to save a life, achieving this milestone gives us enormous encouragement to continue to invite adult members of the public to join our ever-growing volunteer family and teach school children local to them how to save a life.

We’d like to thank all our wonderful volunteers-both past and present-for helping us achieve this fantastic success.

Thanks to our flexible volunteer opportunity, online sign-up and easy-to-replicate scripted session, it’s never been easier to learn simple life-saving CPR skills and pass them on to tomorrow’s men and women.

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