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St Mary’s Makes a Difference

Yet another successful Little LifeSavers’ training was completed at St Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary, with 30 more children becoming Little LifeSavers! 

Little LifeSavers training gives free, 1 hour sessions, in schools to teach children basic lifesaving skills that boost their confidence and equip them to save lives. 

Our Manchester-based volunteer Alex and fellow paramedic and volunteer Garry Pamment took to the road to head to Burnley to teach year 5 children how to save a life.


St Mary Magdalene meets Little LifeSavers

St Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary provides first-hand learning experiences for their children, genuinely helping them to develop as individuals and providing the best opportunities. This is why they invited Little LifeSavers to teach.

The children were full of smiles and laughs, keeping the team on their toes. They asked insightful questions and ensured they absorbed every bit of teaching possible. They leapt into the four scenarios presented, allowing them to understand how to deliver back blows for choking, hands-only CPR for children, hands-only CPR for adults and the recovery position.

St Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary School understands the mission of Little LifeSavers, teaching every child skills to aid them in the future. With such a high mortality rate for cardiac arrests suffered outside the home, the key lies in knowing CPR.


Can you help?

But, teaching every child in the country basic lifesaving skills (and by default, the adult population too) isn’t possible without the tireless efforts of the team of volunteers. We have volunteers up and down the country, but we always need more people to help. 

Becoming a volunteer is simple. You don’t need to worry about skills, equipment or support – all is provided. Check out our site for more information on how to volunteer.

Even with volunteers, we need schools to invite us in; schools like St Mary Magdalene, who are taking the opportunity to book their free session by following our booking link here

Straightforward, free, and meaningful.

What are you waiting for?

Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help or join the Little LifeSavers family.

Join our Founder’s Coffee Club or like and share our social pages to shout about us to your friends.

Every little action goes a long way!


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