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Sheffield Creates More Little LifeSavers

We love it when we create more Little LifeSavers in a new part of the country! This time we took to the North East in Sheffield where our wonderful volunteers, Pauline McCabe, Rosie Anderson and Jean Murphy created 60 more…

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St Mary’s Makes a Difference

Yet another successful Little LifeSavers’ training was completed at St Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary, with 30 more children becoming Little LifeSavers!  Little LifeSavers training gives free, 1 hour sessions, in schools to teach children basic lifesaving skills that boost their…

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We Did It – 10k!

"We did it" ⚡Special Announcement⚡ We're DELIGHTED to announce that our charity has created over 10,000 Little LifeSavers✨💥🌟 Sessions delivered to children this week put the total number of children receiving our bystander CPR skill session to over ten thousand,…

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Please help support Little LifeSavers by adopting a pre-loved cuddly toy for Christmas.  We have a number of lovely donated soft toys, who wish to set off on exciting adventures with loving, new owners. Not only will your kind donation…

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Superhero Young Ambassador Max

Max is not your average 10-year-old. He’s a mountain biker, a car enthusiast and an avid DIY-er (helping his parents with their house renovations). But most importantly, he has a heart of gold.  Max is our very first Young Ambassador…

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Alkrington Invites In Little LifeSavers

Little LifeSavers is a national charity, operating up and down the country. This October they were welcomed in with warm arms by Alkrington Primary in Middleton, Greater Manchester. Our fantastic northern team of Little LifeSavers volunteers came together on a…

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Meet Our Newest Volunteer Christie!

Young mum of three Christie Heilds has her very own inspirational story of how she saved the life of her childhood sweetheart and long-time partner Matthew, when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in April 2022.  In the early morning…

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