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The Nightrider Little LifeSavers Heroes

One starry summer night,  A bunch of heroes met. Yet not a single cape flutters…

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Alex Murphy Stands Next To One Of His Ambulance's In A Little LifeSavers T-shirt.

Meet Alex Murphy – the newest Trustee

“Little LifeSavers empowers young people and will hopefully, get them interested in helping others.” -…

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Introducing Jen Bayford – our newest trustee!

“Simplicity is what I adore about the charity. Easy to understand. Free. What more do…

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Meet the student taking on the Little LifeSavers cause!

Hannah is a student, doing her A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology and History. Hannah loves playing…

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Little LifeSavers Loves Frugi

If we say the word “business” what do you think of? Money? Profit? Such thoughts…

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How charity can help businesses in the long run…

Do you mean there’s more than just fuzzy, feel-good feelings in it for you when…

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Meet a Little LifeSavers volunteer

Little LifeSavers is not a charity that runs all by itself. It requires volunteers across…

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5 ways volunteering can help your mental health

Wanting to make positive and lasting changes in our lives often comes up at this…

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On the Eighth of December, Our Volunteers Did Give… at St Mary’s C of E Aided Primary School

On the eighth day of December, Little LifeSavers did give, Eight answered questions Seven smiles…

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Fundrasing for Little LifeSavers

Get involved with Little LifeSavers by finding some fun and creative ways to start fundraising:

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