Become a Little LifeSavers Volunteer Instructor.

Our vision is to create a nation of Little LifeSavers through reaching every child in Years 5 to 8 throughout the UK with simple lifesaving skills and instil confidence to use them if faced with an emergency.

But it is an enormous task. With approximately 3.7 million children to reach, we need a lot of volunteers.

Why Become a Little LifeSavers Volunteer?

Did you know that survival from cardiac arrest in the community currently stands at only 10%? This means that 9 out of every 10 people who have a cardiac arrest do not survive. Early chest compressions (CPR) delivered by bystanders has been shown time and time again to save lives.

Volunteering with us means you will be able to perform bystander CPR should you ever need to as well as teaching the next generation.

Our volunteering opportunity is simple, with training, mannikins and support all provided. All you need to do is:

  1. Have a clear DBS check.
  2. Tell us when you’re available to teach and how far you can travel to do so – we then match you to schools who are looking for volunteers.

You will benefit from meeting other likeminded individuals, strengthening your community and networking opportunities!

We have volunteers from all walks of life who, like you, are motivated and understand that learning and practicing these simple skills by teaching children, can make a real difference.

I don’t have formal CPR Training or Previous Teaching Experience. Can I Still Volunteer?

We welcome people who are formally CPR trained to volunteer, but it is not a requirement to be a volunteer instructor with Little LifeSavers. Learning our simple model and agreeing to teach it exactly as laid out is all that is required.

I don’t have many days off in a month- can I still Volunteer?

Yes absolutely.

Our session takes approximately one hour to deliver to the children. We ask volunteers to offer four sessions a year to practice these vital skills and equip and empower children across the country.

That is only a commitment of four hours in a year!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

That’s fantastic!

Please email us at or fill out the volunteer contact form below

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