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Donate to Help Us Be Here Next Year

Save a Life for the Price of a Coffee

It costs £3.55 to teach a child-about the price of a nice coffee. Could you “buy our charity a coffee” each month to sponsor the creation of a new Little LifeSaver?

Your generous monthly coffee money could quite literally save a life. We’ll drink to that!

Click the image or the button below, to join our Coffee Club

School Partnership

We value partnership with schools and local community. It’s why our sessions are free and we work hard to provide them wherever we can. Could your school help us continue to deliver sessions by holding a fundraiser or sponsoring us via the PTA?

A few of our fundraisng ideas are below but whatever you would like to do, we’re keen to help. Please email us at

If you’ve held a fundraiser for us please go ahead and donate via the button below. Paying it forward means other schools can benefit and helps us be here next year.

Thank You

Donation Support


With no government or current corporate partners we rely on your generosity, so we can continue to offer these sessions to schools and equip and empower children to save a life

If you’re a UK tax payer please tick the Gift Aid section to increase your impact.

Thank you

Donate as you Shop Online


It’s never been easier to help us – even whilst you do your onine shopping!

Sign up with Easyfundrasing to generate donations as you shop online – there’s no extra cost to you. Easyfundraising partners with over 7,500 brands who will donate part of what you spend to a cause of your choice. It won’t cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.

Click to support us with easyfundraising

Business Partnerships

As a UK- wide charity we have a lot to offer our business partners, particulary with our corporate volunteering opportunity.

Partner with us and we’ll help your team to create Little LifeSavers at a local school in one simple sitting. Not only will you be equipping and empowerng children in your community to save a life but your team members will gain confidence in simple lifesaving skills too, which helps support your workplace first aid provider.

And being a lean organisation with minimal overheads you’ll be able to see the impact your financial generosity has too.

Please contact our charity founder Barbara Stanley on 0300 3035252 or email to find out more.

Let’s save lives together.

Over to you.

Fundraising Ideas

Little Bakers

Hold a tea party and get the children to make their favourite tray bake or cupcakes. Your school may also let them sell their cakes at break time, but please make sure you ask permission first.

Little Blue Tee Shirt Day

This is a great and easy way schools can help us. Wear a blue tee-shirt to school for a donation to the charity. We would recommend a donation of £1 per child, but any fixed or voluntary amount can be set.

Little Light Lunch

Host a get-together, coffee morning, or tea party with friends. Always popular, and many often add plant, jam or craft sales to create more of a buzz and the chance to increase donations.

Little Prizes

Organise a raffle. Remember a prize can be an item, service or treat. We know that the offer of child sitting to cover a night, vouchers to have a meal out or even a taxi service are always popular in addition to the gift prizes.

Little Challenges

Looking for motivation to take up a sport or fitness? Why not set yourself a goal and fundraise to help you get there – like running 1K or completing a training circuit. You can set up a sponsorship page for your challenge here:

Children can also take part in this with simple challenges such as a sponsored silence or how many times they can bounce a ball.

Little Birthday Party

Our birthday as a charity is 14th September and we are inviting everyone to organise a get together with family and friends to celebrate with us all the week!

Join an Organised Event for Little LifeSavers

If you’ve joined a local or national sporting event to fundraise for us- please contact us so we can support you! email to tell us what you’re doing so we can share your support via our social media and help you set up a donation page.

If your event is complete please donate your sponsorship using the button below.

Thank you

Our Fundrasing Promise and What Your Money Buys

  • We recognise that each and every one of our supporters is at the heart of Little LifeSavers.
  • We simply could not do the work we do without you. We will respect your wishes at all times.
  • We abide by the rules of the Fundraising Regulator and are honest, respectful and accountable to our supporters.
  • Your donation will help fund and support our year-round teaching sessions in schools.
  • We will never sell your personal data, or swap it with any other organisation.
  • We will use your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
  • If you have any queries about your support, would like to change the way we communicate with you, or are dissatisfied in any way, please contact us at
  • Recruiting and Traning Our Volunteers
  • CPR Manikins for Volunteers to Teach With
  • Letting Schools Know about our Free Sessions
  • Fundrasing
  • Coordinating Volunteer availability with School Request
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