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Teacher Tells All…

Mr Mark Bylett is a Year 5 teacher at East Preston Primary School. His class recently took part in a Little LifeSavers session, and Mr Bylett was kind enough to share his thoughts about our teaching.


Thank you for speaking with me Mr Bylett, what did you think of the Little LifeSavers session you supervised today?

“What a fantastic opportunity for the children this has been. They’ve been so engaged and the session works really well, with the level of information just right for the children”


Do you think it’s beneficial for children to learn CPR and lifesaving skills? 

“Oh yes absolutely! It’s a life skill and it’s so important. Learning to help others, especially in the sort of situations you describe in your scenarios has a place, both within the curriculum as well as for life in general.”


What did you think of the volunteer team who delivered the session?

“They were fantastic! Really knowledgeable and confident, good with the children too. I didn’t realise that they weren’t all trained doctors or nurses – that they are in fact from different backgrounds. It’s amazing.


What do you think was the most useful aspect of the session? Or most memorable?

 “The level of skill and training is perfect for the children. The content is appropriate, it’s pitched at the right level and is enough in an hour for them to take away the important points.

What I really noticed though, was the way they were so engaged with it. Particularly the ones who sometimes struggle to concentrate or often seem a bit disinterested in class. Seeing how they were completely focused on the session showed me that they thought it was important and relevant to them. It was great to see.

I also thought the way the manikin lights up – demonstrating the way CPR gives blood flow to the brain – was fantastic. It really drives home the point about CPR keeping the casualty alive. It was a big wow factor and I could see how it helped the children understand the point of it too.

For me, the most memorable things were the engagement and interest of the children- especially of particular individuals who sometimes aren’t so enthusiastic and the light-up manikin.”

Is there anything you’d like to see included in the session, or indeed anything that could be removed from it?

“No, I think it’s just right. The skills are simple and important. The scenarios are relatable but not too emotive or upsetting. From the way the children were so attentive, it was obvious they found the session understandable and useful.”



What would you say to another school about Little LifeSavers?

 “I’d tell them not to hesitate to book a session. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to gain important life skills and in just an hour too. I would very much recommend your session. We as teachers enjoyed it too.”


If you are a parent and want your children on a Little LifeSavers course, or if you are interested as a school yourself, explore the information here on how to easily book a free session in your area. We are now taking bookings for September onwards!

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