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What’s it like to volunteer?

Three Female Volunteers Smile After A Volunteering Session

Ever wondered what it is really like to be a Little LifeSavers Volunteer?

We could tell you what it involves. We could tell you how easy it is. We could even give you a list of benefits of volunteering for your mental health.

But sometimes hearing it directly from a volunteer is best. In their words is the most authentic way of learning what volunteering for our charity is like. 

Hailing from West Sussex, Karen Brent has been a volunteer for a little while now. She takes the time to share her highlights, her tips and her reason to volunteer with us.

What’s been the best thing about volunteering for LLS?

Feeling much more confident that, if someone collapsed in front of me, I wouldn’t stand back and hope that someone else knew what to do. 

Regularly rehearsing the steps by demonstrating them to the young people in our sessions, makes me think that these would now be the instinctive actions for me to take if I saw someone who was choking or was collapsed and not responding.

What made you volunteer to begin with?

A rather self-centred reason actually! I have recently retired and wanted to find some volunteering opportunities that would fit in around the travelling that I am hoping to do (now that my holiday entitlement is not limited or confined to school holidays!). 

Volunteering with Little LifeSavers was particularly attractive because it doesn’t require a regular weekly commitment but allows my availability to be matched with schools in my area that want sessions.

What’s your favourite memory/question/quote from your time volunteering at LLS?

I don’t really have a specific one. But my favourite part of each session is when the children get to ask questions. You can tell by the questions that they ask, how much they have taken in from the demonstration and practical time!

What would you say to anyone else looking to volunteer?

Do it!

Not only will you be helping to spread the knowledge of some very simple straightforward life-saving skills, but you will learn and practice these skills yourself. You’ll also be able to share them with your family and friends. And, should the unthinkable happen, you’ll be in the best position to help someone that you care about.

Volunteers like Karen and you…

We are so grateful to Karen for her time, and for her support of our charity. We are entirely reliant on people generously giving their time to us to help us with our mission of creating a nation of Little LifeSavers.

You too can volunteer with us. Check out our volunteer pages for more information.

If you want Little LifeSavers to visit your school, read more here to invite us for a free session that could help save lives.

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