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Don’t Buy Friday – redefining Black Friday with Little LifeSavers

Yes, we knoooooow! It’s the time of year when the inbox starts filling with ‘grab it now’ and ‘best deal ever’ sales and the wallets inevitably end up weighing slightly less. 

But it doesn’t have to be a mindless day of hitting buy on things that don’t fill us with joy and leave us feeling somewhat empty… 

Days like Black Friday have a far more fulfilling alternative you can choose to do instead…


Introducing – ‘Buy Nothing Day!’

The clue is in the name. Buy Nothing Day (falling on the same Friday as Black Friday) is the antithesis of consumerism.

It is the David to the Goliath, the Batman to the Joker, and Dobby to Voldemort.

It is a day of protesting against overconsumption – the likes of which we see rampant on Black Friday.


Why do we buy what we don’t need?

Many scientists and sociologists have grappled with the behaviours of humans and their shopping habits, and the results vary. 

  • They have studied the negative effects of impulse shopping.
  • They’ve highlighted the psychological traits that retailers exploit for maximum profit. 
  • They’ve even highlighted the environmental toll the world suffers from thanks to mass-produced and disposable goods. 

But whatever the reason for overconsumption, here at Little LifeSavers we are making a very conscious effort to focus on what really matters – connection and confidence. 

Both of which you gain from Little LifeSaver sessions – something you can’t ‘buy’ (they’re free!). 


What can you do on Buy Nothing Day?

Conscious consumerism can truly start at home and can involve several things to choose from instead of clicking that buy button:

You could: 

  • Participate in anticonsumerist activities or demonstrations against capitalism
  • Donate to your favourite charity
  • Donate some clothes from your wardrobe to a charity


You could ‘buy’ (donate) a ‘coffee’ to Little LifeSavers

Instead of buying on Black Friday, you could metaphorically ‘buy’ (donate) an ‘Americano’ to Little LifeSavers. 

The price of one cup of coffee is enough to train one child the lifesaving skills of CPR.

Or perhaps choose us as a partner on EasyFundraising – the easy way to help us even as you shop.


Your conscious decision

Ultimately making conscious decisions, deciding to spend a pound away from mindless overconsumption helps to dictate where power lies.

We each can make conscious decisions. 

And we encourage you this year to choose to mindfully choose the alternative to Black Friday and instead focus on the things that matter.

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