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A day in the life training 360 new Little LifeSavers!

Our volunteers are the backbone of our charity – without them, we couldn’t run our sessions across the country. 

Today we have the pleasure of sharing the experience of one of our regular volunteers, Becky, who participated in a mammoth training session. She and the team successfully trained 360 brand-new Little LifeSavers!

Becky tells us about her experience:


It was in the diary. Locked down and secured. Little LifeSavers at Oscar Romero School in Goring. 

I like to rewatch the training videos the night before I volunteer at a session. They’re quick and easy to watch and help me feel a bit more confident turning up!

Parking was easy at Oscar Romeros and the sun was shining –  a great omen!

We were greeted with smiles and were shown to the main hall. Many faces peered up at us… and so it began!

Training time

The training session was a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm which left everyone with tickled bellies and aching cheeks from smiling. Not to mention hoarse voices from talking all day!  But to be able to have trained 360 new Little LifeSavers in just one school was a phenomenal effort. 

We split up and throughout each of the three sessions, we delivered six separate training spots for the children to practise their skills at CPR, back blows, and the recovery position. And luckily Barbara (founder of LLS) brought along the spare batteries for the mannequins! 

My favourite comment from the day? 

“I feel happy knowing I could help someone I love one day”.

Talk about heartwarming!

Teamwork makes the dream work

The team were amazing, I felt supported at all times and you could always guarantee a shared smile at the end of each training session. The teachers at Oscar Romero were also brilliant, offering support and even giving it a go themselves. 

It’s always great to see everyone getting involved with learning such critical life skills. These sessions are not just important for the kids. It’s about refreshing dusty memories of CPR and back blows for the adults too.

Learning these skills and knowing they could very well save a life, makes volunteering all the more worthwhile. I love Little LifeSavers sessions and the fun we have. Oscar Romero’s was a great day, where we managed to make a difference to hundreds of children.

What did the school say?

“Excellent workshop. Delivered with expert knowledge. Barbara was very clear and concise. Excellent volunteers and students engaged and interested. The pre-material was excellent and was good to preempt the workshop. Thank you so much, absolutely brilliant.”

Could you give it a go?

Volunteering for Little LifeSavers is a fulfilling experience, knowing that the skills learned could potentially save a life.

We heard from Becky – does this sound like something you could do too? Check out our volunteer pages for more information.

If you want Little LifeSavers to visit your school, read more here to invite us for a free session that could help save lives.

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