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Truro hub boosts volunteer numbers

In Cornwall’s only city, Truro, there is a vibrant hub of energy and goodwill…

This is particularly evident by the surge of goodwill by the fourth-year medical students on placement in Truro from the University of Exeter. 

Smiles at the Society Welcome Fair

Emily Appaya, a fourth-year student herself, is a massive part of our Truro volunteering hub. She recently helped to spread the word of Little LifeSavers this summer, by having a stand at the university’s Society Welcome Fair in September. 

With warm smiles and an eye-catching mannikin for people to try CPR on during the welcome fair, four students highlighted the power and importance of knowing basic life-saving skills. 

Emily and Prami (registered volunteers for Little LifeSavers), as well as Aharabie and Sophie (who are currently going through our volunteer process), took the time to explain to other students that Little LifeSavers was an excellent opportunity. 

Not only is it a life-changing experience teaching children a skill to save a life, but it is also a chance to practise and feel more confident in performing a skill that is critical for their own medical profession.

By teaching Basic Life Support to children, the students signing up would boost their CV, their confidence and their skills all in one hit. 

The four volunteers went above and beyond, getting an extra 22 people signed up to join as volunteers for the Truro LittleLifeSavers hub.

From left to right, we have the committee members for Truro Paediatric Society 23/24: Aharabie – clinical coordinator, Sophie – Vice President, Emily – Charity secretary, Prami – President.

We can’t wait to see what magic the Truro hub brings to Little LifeSavers this next year. 

Could you make an impact like our Truro heroes? Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. You can make a difference. Find out more here.

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