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Fireworks and sparklers – the only sparks to look out for…

Remember, remember the 5th of November! 

The bright displays of multicoloured sparks of fireworks and sparklers create joy up and down the country. With eager anticipation buzzing through the autumn air, we look to the sky for flashes and spinning trails of light and enjoy the collective ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ together. 

But Bonfire Night isn’t the only thing that sparks in our lives…


What else creates sparks?

  • The simple pleasure of striking a match. 
  • An unexpected static shock from your favourite fuzzy jumper. 
  • Intangible sparks of connections between lovers.

Not everything sparks though…


Did you know there is a misconception that defibrillators spark? 

For years, movies have dramatised the use of defibrillators. They quite often give viewers the wrong impression of sparks flying from defibrillators (also known as a defib or AED). Graphics and illustrations may also mislead viewers by using sparks to ‘symbolise’ the shock.


Yet these myths could not be further from the truth. 

Defibs do not cause any sparks. The pads you place on the patient will not spark. 

The Resuscitation Council states : 

‘A defibrillator will not harm the person suffering a cardiac arrest and will only give them a shock if and when it is needed.’


Fear, not sparks, stop us

All too often, unfounded fear surrounding the defibrillator, including the false myth it will create sparks, is problematic. 

It can even reduce the chances of someone’s survival if they suffer from a cardiac arrest and people are not willing to help. 

Survival rates outside of a hospital environment in the UK for those who have a cardiac arrest sadly stand at a dismal 8%. 


Bonfire sparks instead

So you can rest assured that this Bonfire Night, the only sparks you need to be aware of are those in the night sky creating a beautiful spectacle. 

And remember, if you see some sparks flying in the next hospital scene on your TV, tell your family and friends…

“it’s a myth!” 

You never know, you could save someone’s life by debunking it.

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