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Positivity for World Kindness Day – and how you can help!

A Boy Makes A Heart Shape With His Hand

World Kindness Day held on the 13th November is an annual celebration of the good deeds happening in communities across the world.

It celebrates the common thread of kindness that binds us all together and encourages us to make kindness the norm. 

Today, more than ever, we need to celebrate the kindness of our world.

Which is why we want to celebrate the amazing work of our Little LifeSaver community and all the good they do in the world – whether that’s supporting us by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word about us. 

How Little LifeSavers came to be…

Little LifeSavers was born in 2016 when Dr Barbara Stanley ran a drop-in session for the public to meet junior doctors, and they were invited to learn and practise effective CPR. A child who attended the session went on to tell his school about it, and the Head Teacher reached out to see if Barbara would run the session again for their children. The rest they say is history…

Since then Little LifeSavers has gone from strength to strength, with the power of kindness as its backbone. During the years of teaching free CPR sessions to school children across the UK, not one but two children have already saved lives and thousands now have the confidence to act in an emergency. 

We are blown away by the daily kindness that drives our charity to fulfil its mission to create a nation of life savers.

Kindness through volunteering

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, deliver sessions when they can and benefit themselves by practising these simple skills themselves through teaching children CPR. No experience is necessary because the session is a script and we coach volunteers in how to deliver it. 

A 2019 survey by NCVO on the volunteer experience reported that 77% of volunteers felt volunteering improved their mental health and well-being, and 93% of those surveyed got enjoyment out of volunteering. Being kind through volunteering can even help your job prospects! 

Could you be a Little LifeSavers volunteer and help us teach a nation of Little LifeSavers?

Kindness through donations 

But actively volunteering is only one possible way to be kind. Did you know that you could help us for the price of a coffee? Every little bit helps and we are always grateful for anything you can spare. 

We are reliant on donations to keep us operationally afloat. From meeting the legal requirements for our charity to exist, paying our staff salaries, to the mannikins we use, donations are critical for keeping our ship afloat too. 

Explore here to see how you can share some kindness through donations.

Kindness through sharing the word

Even if you can’t help through volunteering or donations, you can share some kindness and share the word. Advocating for us, spreading the word about us, and encouraging others to either volunteer or book a school session all gets us that little bit closer to our mission of creating a nation of Little LifeSavers.

In February this year, we managed to hit the magic 5-figure number, creating over 10,000 Little LifeSavers! Every child we teach is one more that could now in fact save a life. 

Through interacting with our posts on Facebook and through telling all your friends and family, you really can help us grow and save lives. Or tell a school that we offer free sessions so they can book!


Get involved this World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day asks just one simple question of all of us – how could I be a little kinder today?

You can be kind and help save lives across the country by supporting our charity. 

Every day, it’s the kindness of those who champion us that keep us going and we couldn’t do it without them.

This World Kindness Day on the 13th November, we encourage you to choose kindness, whichever way works best for you.

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